Craftsman 40V Brushless Snow Thrower

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The Craftsman 40V Brushless Snow Thrower is one of the best solutions for moving the snow that blocks your driveway, deck, and sidewalk. Giving that it is very easy to operate, it can be used even by the elderly who are not allowed to make big physical efforts.So, it can be seen as a great help for getting through the cold season easily. Although winter is one of the most expected times of the year, it can cause lots of trouble for people who didn’t prepare accordingly. So, if you want to make sure that you will enjoy the winter holidays without having to shovel the snow in order to clear your driveway, we recommend you to search for a reliable snow blower. Today we are going to analyze the main characteristics of the Craftsman 40V Brushless Snow Thrower.

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The Craftsman brushless snow thrower is a single stage device that has the capacity to remove heavy snow very fast and easy. It features a clearing width of 20 inches and a clearing depth of 10 inches. Furthermore, it features a 20 inches clearing discharge, and it provides the user with the possibility to steer it in any direction they want. Its powerful motor delivers a great performance, and it comes with a sturdy construction that promises durability and resistance. Moreover, the manufacturers were so confident in their work that they included a 4-year tool warranty, and a 2-year warranty for the battery, ensuring clients that they can trust the quality of their products.


This unit uses a chute system that features a maximum 180° chute rotation, allowing the user to control the drop with an easy-to-maneuver joystick. The only disappointment that we found in the Craftsman 40V Brushless Snow Thrower is that it requires two hours to completely charge, which is more time than other similar products need. However, its 4 amp lithium-Ion battery provides a 25-minute run time, which is more than enough for moving snow and clearing the deck or driveway.


This lightweight product doesn’t require any muscles to be operated because it was designed to be easily used by anyone who needs a snow blower. Furthermore, it looks very stylish, and it can perform without making too much noise. The Craftsman 40V snow thrower integrates dual LED lights for increased effectiveness during night time, and it features 7 inches rear wheels. It comes with a 4 amp battery and a charger, and it costs $359.99.

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