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Information collection

This site uses cookies for collecting information from its visitors. Nowadays, most sites use cookies. They are necessary for the improvement of our services. They do not represent an invasion of privacy, as they don’t collect any identifiable information, only technical details that can help us improve our services.

What are cookies and how to we use them

The cookie is a frequently encountered term, which refers to a certain technology used for collecting information. Technically speaking, the cookie is a small text file, which installs itself on your browser when you view a certain site. This file can collect a small amount of data, mainly technical details, like the type of browser that you use or your IP address. In case you are not familiar with this term, the IP address is a unique code randomly assigned to your computer when you access the internet. Generally, we use such information in order to fix certain technical problems; for example, a portion of our site may not function properly on a certain browser. Based on your IP, we can also block your access on our website, if you act in a way which contradicts the hereby terms and conditions.

It is important to understand that the small amounts of data collected by the cookie represent strictly non-identifiable information. That means that we don’t collect information which can be used to identify you as an individual, to contact you or to locate it. Moreover, these technical details are used solely by us and by our affiliates, in order to improve our services. Furthermore, if you don’t want us to collect this information, you can adjust your browser preferences and block cookies.

What type of information we collect from you

Other than the technical details, which we already covered, our site may also collect identifiable information. For example, we may ask you for your name and your e-mail address. This type of information will only be collected if you actively and willingly provide it to us, via the contact form found on the Contact page. We will only use it in case you ask us a question regarding the content found on this website and we must contact you with the answer. Moreover, this information is protected and it is not shared with any third party. The only exception to this rule involves the situations in which we may be legally required to disclose that information, on account of suspicion of illegal actions on your behalf.

How do we protect your information

Your identifiable and non-identifiable information, along with all the content and data which constitute this website are protected with high level security software, similar to the one used by banks. You can rest assured knowing that any type of information that you provide to us is safe, and will not be shared with any third parties, with the exception of our partners and our affiliates.


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If you are not familiar with this concept, you need to know that some of the links that we post on this website can generate a small commission for us, when you click on them or if you buy something from the website to which you are directed, after having clicked on those links. You must also understand that this type of affiliate program is different from a classic advertisement technique. We only recommend products that we trust, products which we have analyzed in detail.

Content disclaimer

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